Hi Harm this is a really interesting article. I’ve been working on a project that applied the Iota tangle to smart grids recently as well.

There’s one thing that’s bothered me about my own project and it’s relevant to the article as well. It’s very common for people to build REST APIs and gateway servers that are used as a base for all the devices and nodes on the system. This style of architecture works well for a lot of online services but I get the feeling that having a back-end server that’s processing all the transactions and energy data for a project like this it could lead to some serious issues.
Pushing code onto that server when the system becomes more complex I would imagine might lead to issues with debugging. It also means you’re reliant on that server for the bulk of the transactions on your network.

I’m curious how you and your team plan on handling all the traffic to the back-end server for your system? Great article again!

Electronic Engineer with an interest in Privacy, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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